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Picture for category TerrainZyme™ Z-Plex TerrainZyme™ Z-Plex


TERRAINZYME™ Z-PLEX is a highly advanced, plant enzyme–based nutritional line designed specifically to support the biological terrain.* These formulas work together to address the various aspects of the biological terrain, such as mineral/electrolyte balance and enzymatic activity.* The TerrainZyme formulas provide macronutrients as the building blocks of the terrain.*

This line is designed based on the various urine and saliva tests used in biological terrain testing.* All products in this line have a proprietary blend of broad-spectrum enzymes designed to support the breakdown of complex nutrients and make them more bioavailable.*


Adreno-Zyme™ supports the demands of an active lifestyle with a specially designed combination of nutrients and cofactors.*

New 90 tablet version (replacing our 60 tablet formula).

HCL Pro-Zyme supports digestive processes through 500 mg of betaine HCl and a proprietary blend of key ingredients.*

Immu-Zyme is an advanced herbal and colostrum immune-support formula.*

Mg/K-Zyme™ supports the body's function during transient stress with two forms of magnesium and potassium—aspartate and citrate.*

Myco-Zyme™ is designed to support the intestinal terrain and a gut flora balance with a powerful herbal formula.*

Puro-Zyme supports blood and cellular health with key minerals and herbs.*

Rena-Zyme™ supports the kidneys with a nutritional-herbal complex.*

Stress-Zyme(Z23) supports the body in times of transient tension and stress, using a combination of minerals and herbs.*