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Essential Fatty Acids
Brain-E™ DHA supports the brain with a formula of essential fatty acids.*

Brain-E™ DHA 1200-TG supports brain and neurological health with a targeted formula that includes 1200 mg of DHA, a fundamental essential nutrient for the brain.*

OmegaCo3-SE™ is based on our successful OmegaCo3™ formula and is now available as a softgel for those sensitive to taste or looking for additional convenience.

OmegaCo3™ is a unique formulation that delivers 950 mg of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids in every tablespoon.

Phyto Brain-E™ includes 1200 mg of DHA uniquely derived from phytoplankton.

Vegetarian-Source DHA with Phosphatidylcholine

Super EFA Complex™ offers targeted immune support in a one-of-a-kind formula, containing 600 mg of ALA and 15 mg of GLA per serving.*